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A&P Family

A&P Food and Beverage

Dedicated into investing in F&B suppliers, with history, a strong background and a prosperous future
Macau Chocolate Company - A company that is developing a secret recipe and working on developing the first chocolate bar with local delicacies
A Moreninha - 80 year old Portuguese company, most famous for Farinha 33, a family-guarded recipe that came from Switzerland in the 1930’s, and that has aroused the interest of many multinationals in the Food Sector.
UauCacau - is a Madeira, Portugal Chocolatier that has won various awards and competitions and is focused on the high-end gourmet market. He is the most famous ganache bon-bon maker, infusing only organic fresh ingredients in his recipes.

A&P Technology

uMan Xpert – is a Human Resources tailored made software provider that services the large companies in Portugal, namely banks as BNP Paribas, car manufacturers as Peaugot-Citroen and Honda, tyre makers Continental as well as local mid-to-large Portuguese companies.

Liwa Capital

TipRanks Co. - an Israel based financial technology company that seeks to rank to whom we should listen in the financial world when making our decision. It ranks not only Investment Research Analysts, but also Hedge Fund Managers, companies portfolios, and bloggers.

It’s main clients are both General Investors but also US Hedge Funds and Major Banks as Banco Santander, Bank Hapoliam.

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