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Alves & Partners

A&P Investment & Consultancy was founded by Bernardo T. Alves and consisting of a local expert team with vast experience in the field of Banking and Investment and in applying the Value Investing Framework aims to form partnerships with Financial Institutions, Businesses and the Government to advise, create and manage financial products and investments.
A&P believes that it is our duty of to Scrutinize Safe, Sound Securities and give sincere advice on its products or investment vehicles to all parties, at all stages of the investment lifecycle.
Our Motto is always: A Partner, Not a Customer.
A&P Investments is part of the A&P Holdings with ownership of firms in the Food and Beverage Industry as well as Private Equity arm in the Technology Sector.

A Partner not a Customer


A & P is a Pioneer in Investment Management in Macau, 

comprised of experts with more than 50 years Banking and Investing experience in Macau.

 A&P operates with two simple principles - thorough analysis & safety of capital - to navigate the Investment Universe in order to find Value and Adequate Return.

A&P is focused on one thing, and one thing only: Scrutinize Safe, Sound Investments and give sincere advice to local Institutions and most importantly to our own People.

We are part of the A&P family, founded by Bernardo T. Alves and his influence and philosophy have shaped A & P Investments.



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